Do you think we'll ever get a new AVP game?

I loved AVP 1 and 2 back on the PC and I even loved AVP 2010.

I really hope we eventually get a new one.

I’d like to see some gameplay mechanics from PHG and even Aliens Fireteam Elite merged in this hypothetical game


The films were god aweful but full of fan fap. So were the games in my honest opinion, but that never stops the pop machine. You can bet that if a AAA title open world game were to be developed, it would be based on AVP and I bet you there won’t be no cheezy mechanic that lets you play all three in some cheezy half-baked concept. I’d expect a human perspective going in deep into lore.

I dont understand why those AVP games got people so crazy, they were so shallow.

You got a point there. So long as they don’t tread the AVP (Game) waters again.
I’d see if anything Capcom’s AVP being a starting point but NOT so illustrative and cartoony.

Plus to jump between species would have to be a massive leap and not force-fed as the AVP games were. And as you said it, be like PHG and AFTE, so these games absolutely must be in the game as it stands. It would only mean that their entire game would have to be paid for on it’s own as ‘separate part’ of the game. Imagine that, having to pay an entire full price for a game inside of a game?


Ah I see

Yeah I still want it


A game is rumored to be in earl development

iirc there is one in development atm. Lemme try and find the article

We 100% will get another game. We will also get movies as well. Just give it time. The Alien and Predator franchise has an unbelievably massive fan base. With the right script and director it will be revitalized.

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