Don't mess with the Stoagie

Shit you’re not on PC? Yeah looks like we’ll have to wait lol.

Ain’t that a bitch smh. Well I’ll look forward to playin with ya then dawg

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Absolutely good sir, happy hunting out there.

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@StoagieSteve420 What makes you define lvl 150 PC players as good? Anyone who queues up for games will earn experience and advance in level, no matter if you get carried or carry all the way to 150.
Normally you would think that someone who reaches lvl 150 is good, yes, but that is not always the case, could be a 8 year old kid who still struggles with which drawer the forks and knives lies in.

Whoever is letting their “8” year old child to play a hyper violent game deserves their child taken away from them. You know of level 150 “8” year olds?

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I don’t know which level they are on i nthe game, but i have ended up playing with random minors many times, even though the game is ment for 17+.
I guess their parent/s are playing and they let their kids play too.
From my experience they have a really hard time being quiet and they sit and hyperventilate into the microphone.


Thats soooo true…just finished wipping out full FT and one of them was a kid maybe 10yrs and i thought he was gona pass out cause he saw me coming lmao!