Don't mess with the Stoagie

Don’t find me in the jungle with you.


Is there a reason your graphics are like that? If your gonna brag at least don’t be so cheesy about it.


If ya wanna 1v1 a pred you gotta get every advantage you can.

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Ngl hoss 1v1 a predator is not hard (when they are bad) and when they are good you aren’t going to win. Lol I didint watch the vid I’m sure you’re good I’m just saying

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I’d say 70% of the Predators in my videos are 150 PC players (aka “good” preds). Dunno what you want.

Well I mean a good predator is not going to die in a 1v1. So you’ve never killed a good predator like this lol I mean neither have I no one has

If you are killing them one on one they are bad. Like very bad.

I’m not trying to shit on you. It takes a good FT member to know how to kill even a bad predator 1v1. But think about it man with everything at there disposal and the fact you can only parry from head on, are you gonna be 1v1 killin anyone who’s good at this game?

I’ve set up duels specifically for these claims that “the pred isnt good” so people can put their skills to the test. Community duel #1

What do you mean? You’ve set up duels like you just 1v1 random people or something

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Ohhh you’re saying people claiming you are killing bad predators you kill them 1v1 lol ok wel dude they are bad too then. The predator literally has CC. Like he can hold you in place if he wants to. If you are killing a predator 1v1 they suck. That goes for me too. When I clap a predator solo I’m aware they are bad. As like 90% of predator players are


I’m sorry this probably just came across so douche. Like there are tons of people who can’t 1v1 even the worst predators so I’m not trying to take anything away from you. Keep clapping them fools and showing off brotha

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Wouldn’t say they’re bad predators. I’m just good man.

You on PlayStation? Cause we can try this and I promise it lasts 3 seconds lolol

You are probably really good and know how to give predators who aren’t sure what to do with a good ft member problems they can’t answer. But a good predator, is going to bear trap you and insta down you. Ya feel me?

Lol that’s what Bhaloth said too. Put em into 2nd wind in 3 seconds :D

I’m on PC.

Also to be specific, if you are making a rule set, like only wrist blades and trade melee shots, yes, yes you can kill them. But with all there tools you just aren’t killing anyone good solo

Anything goes is the ruleset :)

Yeah you are getting bear trapped and downed. Lol

Perhaps when they get there shit together we can do this so you’ll understand how bad those predators are lol