Double plasma caster glitch

There’s this glitch where the plasma caster takes up two slots and when you select a plasma caster in the menu a copy of the shoulder cannon just floats in air. Is there a fix for this because it is getting pretty stale only having one weapon available. Every class has this problem for me :(

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You aren’t the only one having it, been happening to me as well, no matter my equipment or class.

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Yeah now switching up weapons is even more risky since you can only use the one. I looked on YouTube for it but all I found was a video with 20 views.

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Just been told I have to delete save file and remake classes, to be honest I haven’t played since launch and this was its last chance 👋

I am having the same problem with my game

Whoa nelly!!

Still no fix right?

I don’t know if this will work for you, but I play on the PS4 and have found that the error only happens on custom slots 1 and 2. It does not happen when I select predators on custom slots 3 and 4 (I don’t have 5 and 6 yet). Hope this helps as a work around until a patch comes out.

This glitch is very annoying, I have reached a high level and I can only use my primary weapon. This glitch is consistent because it has stayed on all of the predators that I have unlocked.

It only happens to me with downloaded Preds. All the standard ones work fine

[quote=“splifftor, post:2, topic:9796, full:true”]
delete save files.
You wont loose your progress but will have to re-make all your loadouts.
[/quote] There has been a fix for quite some time people just aren’t reading the forums/searching for the specific bug to see if someone else has already answered their question.