Dragon ball fighterz

Anyone here play dbfz? If so tell me who you main





Unlike these other two losers, I’m here to actually answer the question. I play Dragon Ball, my main is contact.


Ok so typically I love seeing shit like this. But this is too random to be funny.

So unless you step up your comedic execution,
I’m going to have to request no contact with you in any sense.

I mean the dbfz version of contact is YOSHA

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I played it once, it was a lot of fun. Thinking about getting DBZ Kakarot

I used to play dragon ball Budokai Tenkaichi II a shit load with my old room mates

Haven’t had contact with them for years though…

I’m about to give you full blown contact in a minute

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Il contact all over your face

Back when I played dbfz my main team was ssj goku Agohan Goku black

Sometimes if fool around and replace Agohan with freeza or hit though

Haven’t played since you videl I think came out though

If I came back would probably have to try super broly jiren and probably ui goku but that requires time which right now I don’t have much of

But Fr if you aren’t running OG Broly and Cooler you are lame

I don’t run zbroly because I enjoy having fun. But ever since he came out I’ve been a cooler diehard. 21, Janemba, Cooler.

Team Tail.

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