drops if insane fps

hello friends and especially to the developers. Acquiring the game yesterday, had acquired the beta and acquired for being. fan of the Predator franchise. I come through this post, reports how much the game is, maur optimized, FPS drops I have to download the settings and still it continues. Do you have any solutions or do you have any plans to activate the game more fluidly? my Setup is Ryzen 3600X, RTX ASUS 3060 TI Rog S, 16Gb RAM 3600Mhz, I play at 75htz monitor frequency and just a decent experience, the game is very promising and I wish and with all my heart that you guys are trying to fix this bad performance. the processor doesn’t even use 60%, and the graphics card is smooth at 78%, that is, the frame rate stays at 75 or leaves much more and then suddenly drops to 40, 30, it oscillates a lot and the game experience is terrible. I look forward to good news please


You wanna tell him?

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Hello, welcome to the Predator forum where opinions don’t matter and consumer feedback gets left behind quicker than your daddy running to the store for smokes and milk!!!

@Fire don’t worry, I got it.

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Game is shitty optimized on pc, fps runs better on a ps5. Not going to change, lower graphics if you want better fps.

Play an actual good game


Set your pc on fire 🔥 and move on


WHy DOnT THe DeVS LiSTeN I HaVE A rEALly COoL COmPutEr -this guy

Optimization is non existent for this game.
I had drops from 300+ fps to 45 while nothing is happening.

It’s very poorly made

I don’t get this people. I get a stable 50-60 fps on this game on cinematic.
Exception made on Excavation (sometimes) and Backwater (some locations).
I don’t play this game on PC for like 5 patches ago, though.

Try Backwater night, go to the village and watch your fps go to shit for no reason at all.

If you want hard core drops, go on HQ day where the “obelisk” is and enjoy the slideshow.

Also don’t do it in a private match but in pubs.