Dubble speed Bug

I constantly was at sprinting speed so i couldn´t aim also and couldnt use mud. But running still worked, so i was at twice the speed and the Predator couldn´t keep up. How do i send in a video?

Post the link here. Some people might be interested in that feature…I mean…bug.


If you’re on PS4 just hit share on your controller at the end of the match and post it to YouTube the copy the link and post it here

This macro is in the early stages of development and my damn beta testers leak everything

My apologies

In the meantime, why not browse the available working macros and hacks



Hold you , that link is to a real site you made? 😄

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and how do i upload pictures to youtube and share them?
If there is another site for pictures than the devs can find these bugs for them selfs, really. I don´t get paid.

YouTube is for videos

You can share screenshots to twitter

Just hold share to take a screenshot then press again to upload it

You have to link your Twitter and/or YouTube account