I remember them saying that they lowered the chance of getting duplicates in the boxes, yet I just opened 10 in a row and 2 items weren’t duplicates. I know I’m unlucky but this is just getting stupid. I made enough off of those boxes to open another 5 and only 1 wasn’t a duplicate,

The loot box’s aren’t a good system, after 3 months I’m done with it. Not grinding for Vert when it’s literally pointless to use them.

For the record I’m 150 ad spent the far majority of my Vert on them, I have the bobcat skull and the kopesh, I get nothing but dups at this point.

Its better than paying money for the loot boxes though they do need to rework it so you dont get dupes.

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That’s true, I’m just impatient to have a way to earn the things I want.

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There’s nothing wrong with them they just go off % per chest I believe. Solely RNG like destiny was 🤔

I opened around 40 the other day and got nothing but duplicates, and then there has been a time when I bought 10 and got three new mask shaders (All apostle 🤔) and a mythical war hammer duplicate

It’s a shitty grind but hey if you spend 20k your more than likely to get a few new things as well as half if not more of your money back where as only buying a one mythical

Duplicates of the Trophies should be removed
So that way you have as slightly higher chance to get a new mythical trophy or a duplicate mythical shaders