Dutch Tapes out of order, Predator Cloak can be seen on night maps, cutscenes on night maps to dark

Ya as the topic title suggests

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was this deleted?

No then you wouldn’t be able to reply

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Are you experiencing the cloak issue consistently or intermittently? Also, some more info would be great, such as platform, what you were doing when you experienced it, etc.

Aw yes I play PS5 and every match I been playing as Pred in night maps I keep getting spotted even though I stand still in trees on the field etc, but I’m more concerned with the Dutch tapes as it is hard to listen to them in order since they are mixed

Another person submitted the dutch tapes issue recently, so thanks for providing more info! If you could provide some video of yourself cloaked in night mode so we could see what you’re talking about further, it would be a huge help!

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I could only take a photo but as you can see standing still I wasn’t invisible

You’re not supposed to be completely invisible when playing as pred. You’re completely invisible to the FT after standing still for two seconds but you, as the player of the Predator, can always see your Predator actor, cloaked or not

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Then I dunno how she suspects me to video it 😔

Ask a buddy to help ya

hint hint

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Yes. PSN: Derangedxeno_02
Epic: derangedxeno65

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Ok what’s your availability

Anytime after 3 pm CST

Oh what about now?

But… Is almost one in the morning for me

Oh sorry how about tomorrow at 9

Maybe. I’ve had about 7 or… Something like that shots of Whiskey. I am what the professionals call plastered. Might not be up into later, but I’ll definitely be awake before noon. You’re EGS, right?

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The PS5 has a capture system

It doesn’t work for me the videos are to long and take forever to upload plus I don’t have it connected to YouTube cuz I haven’t figured it out