Dying light 2

Is this game worth picking up?


You are too late jim , I bought it you asshole

I mean, it’s not as gruelling as the first one but you can get a mod that lets you play as a volatile the whole game soo

I got it on console, my gaming pc died a year ago 😔

Oh. Well then prepare for mediocrity XD
Also they got no guns :/
Just this single-use shotgun that you can only get late-game.

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Enjoying it so far , its really a nice feel and a good upgrade from the original I feel

Boring game…jumping, jumping, and jumping around.

agreed…fyucking game is game for people who just like to jump…and jump and jump…parkour shit. All ze jumping make Mass want to vomit.

even Dead Island was more interesting, lol

Was this the one where the zombies had levels and stood around a pool while you wacked them like pinatas & looted suitcases?

Strange game