easyanticheat error

I keep getting this message saying the following:
Unknown file version (SpaceFish\Content\Paks\spacefish-windowsnoeditor.pak)
After this error message appears, I am no longer able to get into a match, that includes a private match, and even the tutorial game mode. I restarted the game but it appeared again shortly after finishing a match. I tried uninstalling and installing but I kept getting the message. I even uninstalled EasyAntiCheat and then installing it again but to no avail.
any tips or help would be deeply appreciated.

Try uninstalling the anti cheat

And not reinstalling

the game does not launch without anticheat bro

I tried that bro, it doesn’t work :\

I deleted the game and installed it again, seems to be working fine now. However, if that error message appears again, then I really have no idea what to do. Hopefully, one of the Devs will see this and give me some tips on what to do. And before I uninstalled the game, I deleted the windowsnoeditor.pak files and launched the game but I still got the error message anyway.
Thank you for trying to help my man :)