Eaten by the Tree on Backwater.

Title says it all

@Courier @OldKingHamlet

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These trees need a huge nerf on the next patch.

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You Know it bro.

Must be sign of an impending mortal kombat crossover since the trees are eating people like in the living forest stage

When the preds so bad nature has to take over

Same glitch happened to me. Combine this with the boars eating predator post, and I think that the trees and boars are trying to revolt against the predator for using them. In other words: 06gxl6s5gej01

James Cameron was in game with you playing as tree class. James Cameron waited till you approached and consumed you.

Why James why? I practically grew up on your movies aliens Terminator 1 and 2 the abyss, how could you do this to me James how could you? Your betrayal is painful, The wound runs deep. This will not be soon forgotten for now death is upon thee James, death cometh for thee

Betrayal? You were blessed. You were killed by James Cameron. Be thankful your console/PC did not explode.

Death upon James Cameron? More like James Cameron upon death. Death fears James Cameron. Death was a terrible FT member. He was trophied by James Cameron 0.00006 seconds into the round.

😂😂😂 Thank the almighty James Cameron my Pc did not explode, thou art truly a God amongst men James

Yes. Now go in peace. And remove spines.