Elder skin bug

@Stick thanks to your observation I’ve found the cause of this bug! Its the armour tints! If you have a fresh Elder with default everything you can change body skin no problem, however as soon as you will change the armour tint, body skin is being reverted to default apart from its head.

@OldKingHamlet @Courier - We’ve just narrowed it down for you guys ;-)


Thanks brother.


For me it’s just random, independent of armor. Sometimes I have the correct color skin and sometimes I don’t.

@VENN7eance that was the case with the Elder we faced in pubs on Friday no? His face was the correct color but his body was normal liver spotted skin while wearing I believe it was tyrant armor

Seems that the problem is some how connected to armour tints - If you will mess with skin colours on a fresh Elder then you will have no problems

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Oh okay

The immortal mask has a bug on the green shader for the mask. It’s all sorts of wacked out lol.

Yeah, his head was a different shader to his body. It changed after we downed him, the same way the masks revert to default shader. Before that he was coordinated.

This hasn’t been addressed yet @IllFonic

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And disc bug is back!!! XDDDDDD

Which one?

When you throw it it looses its custom tint


Here’s a quick screenshot as an example.

Bumping this

indeed have it noticed too yesterday if you go in customazation menu and you go to elder than too one before chooise and than back too elder skin is back to default …just cant confirm that it happens in battle too

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I noticed that pattern, but even if they are showing on the loadouts section, once the match begins they revert back to the default skin.

Strange my elder looks normal.

Btw, nice profile pic and banner. How did you do that @Stick?

Thank you madam . I took a screenshot from the game, placed it on a transparent vector and then erased every part of the background. Then I placed that on another photo and did some tweaking of contrast and saturation. 🍺🍺

For the avatar I then just circle cropped his head and gave it a couple of borders

Illfonic, I know that since you nerfed the Elder almost into oblivion* you think no one is really using it anymore and you can ignore this issue, but I’m here to say that yes, some of us are insane enough to still like using this class, and would appreciate this long-standing bug being fixed!

*which I still can’t fathom the reason for, given that it’s supposed to be a reward class you have to work to gain access to