Elder skin bug

Not sure if reported before - Elder pred skins are working only for his head and not his body


Same. All elder skins only change the head and not the body.

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This wasn’t addressed in the HotFix. Can we get it rectified in the next patch please? Thank you. 🍺🍺


This is a strange glitch, because now the skins show correctly about 25% of the time, then it goes back to the default. Do you have the same thing happen @Noktrum ?

Let me test the shit out of it and I will get back to you asap😉

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@Stick thanks to your observation I’ve found the cause of this bug! Its the armour tints! If you have a fresh Elder with default everything you can change body skin no problem, however as soon as you will change the armour tint, body skin is being reverted to default apart from its head.

@OldKingHamlet @Courier - We’ve just narrowed it down for you guys ;-)


Thanks brother.


For me it’s just random, independent of armor. Sometimes I have the correct color skin and sometimes I don’t.

@VENN7eance that was the case with the Elder we faced in pubs on Friday no? His face was the correct color but his body was normal liver spotted skin while wearing I believe it was tyrant armor

Seems that the problem is some how connected to armour tints - If you will mess with skin colours on a fresh Elder then you will have no problems

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Oh okay

The immortal mask has a bug on the green shader for the mask. It’s all sorts of wacked out lol.

Yeah, his head was a different shader to his body. It changed after we downed him, the same way the masks revert to default shader. Before that he was coordinated.

This hasn’t been addressed yet @IllFonic

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And disc bug is back!!! XDDDDDD

Which one?

When you throw it it looses its custom tint


Here’s a quick screenshot as an example.

Bumping this