Elder stats need swapping with the city hunter.

since the last patch and elder nerf its like the only reason you would use the elder now is to purposely make things harder for your self what isnt really much of a reward for reaching max rank/lvl and also does not make sence in yautja lore as to be an elder you got to be stronger and faster and way more brutal to fend off any attempts of being over thrown by the younger and less experienced yautja like the adolesent city hunter, so imo their stats should be swapped or at least adjusted to fit their actual contrabutes. if i have earned my way to max lvl and earned that elder predator and title then i should have something better to show for it otherwise whats the point , especially when i can just go BUY the city hunter with the best stats over all, thats a lil pay to win , and there is no honor in that!!!


I tend to agree. He should at least be even with City Hunter, and much better than the Hunter class. @IllFonic @OldKingHamlet @Courier



i loved my elder so much i gave him a bio haha. the day after i posted this the nurf came 🤦‍♂️


And since Yautja can live for hundreds of years and dont even reach their peak until a few centuries of life… Elder and Alpha should be somewhat stronger overall. But then again, all the Preds should have their attributes buffed.

And they should be less noisy… Their steps sound like an elephant is tromping about.

Also, hidden stats for everyone and everything should be revealed. That way people can make informed decisions to suit their playstyle and it becomes easier to notice imbalance.

Either way, FT is way overpowered atm. And I play FT 99% of the time, and win about 90-95% of the pub matches I am in.

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