Elite skins for the base Predator classes

Took these off a recent post in general discussion by @Will13579

Basically make these elite skins for the hunter class and make some for Zerker and scout

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We are getting some new armors in the next update

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Missed the leak.

I’m assuming it’s only in the leaks thread as always

Yeah it was leaked February 19th

Didn’t couldn’t even get a name shoutout for my post.😅😭

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Oh whoops got the wrong name sorry


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There we go all fixed

Cool beans.👌🏽👌🏽😅

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I dunno if they’ll do gender changes as well but co aidering how the armor changes up minute stuff for females, I’d like to think these master variants will be quite promising alongside their female versions.

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i think a new Elite Body type would be more interesting. More athletic and lean and ripped.