Empty lobbies, reason?

I’ve entered 4 empty lobbies in a row now as the Predator(wasted 50:ish minutes).
What is the reason behind this? Why do we enter lobbies that are either not full or is completely empty?
The matchmaking should NOT bring you to a lobby unless 1 Predator and 4 Fireteam players has been found. This is getting frustrating.



Or at least enough FT to start a match.

Should…but doesnt. Match making sshould not outreach your timezone…should but doesnt

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People still need to update

Also the COD beta started today

I have another thread talking about this same thing. It’s happening to me like crazy and other people are saying they haven’t had that happen for months. Doesn’t make sense to me.

You and me @MassImpact124

And now we’re being streamed too, lol. Don’t embarass us now.

I never got a notification. If it chugs my machine I will report!

GG. Took the mask…but you took the final symbol fr disarm!

Boosted, you guys can buy me beer later. :D

How did you know about his streaming’?

I was looking around on twitch yesterday and saw him, even played in the same round then.

So does he make $20 off that one game or off his entire streaming career?

Dunno. Think it’s donations.

For the glory of Satan of course!