End Cinematic Selection for the PRedator

I think being able to choose a new cinematic would be needed soon.
We should be able to have 2 or 3 different end game cinematic for the Predator because it would further deepen the unique feel of each match.
Currently when the Predator wins a match, we get to see one based on whatever location they are in… That is, the one where he holds a skull without a spine in his hand and screams.

It would further make loosing more terrifying as we get more DLCs for the predator. I think one cinematic doesnt pay homage to the greatness of each new predator and unfair because FT gets 3 for either blowing up, disarming and capturing (there could be 2 here), and escaping through exfil without harming the pred.


They should include that in new customization options. Also offer different short, and long claim animations.

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This is the correct answer, Boys.

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