Enemies/objectives not loading in

Still having a problem with the AI being invisible, this happens no matter what map I’m on and most if not all of the AI enemies are invisible so I can’t see them but they can shoot me upon dropping in.

Missions often also stop loading about halfway through the match so my objectives will be stuck while the rest of my team carries on and completes the mission to exfil, also can’t see the ropes to the chopper when this happens so escape is impossible.

Sometimes teammates will also freeze up about halfway through the match and will end up running in place or just disappearing for me, this rarely happens to the predator when I’m playing as fire team but has happened before aswell.

These problems occur both when I play predator and when I play fire team, it makes it very hard to enjoy the game.

If I pause the game it seems to cause things to load in most of the time, however I’m also not able to pause when these bugs start happening a lot of the time too. There’s no response when I press the escape button (pause on PC)

Any suggestions to fix this? Almost all of my matches are plagued by these bugs

Did you check if you got the latest graphic card driver?
If yes, have you maybe thought, depending on the graka you own, that it maybe is not capable on running the game on high settings or at all?

Yes I have the latest driver updates, and the game has ran fine before, and works as it should on a rare occasion but most of the time now I have one or a combination of these bugs

Are you pc or ps?
If you’re pc try the following settings:
Motion Blur - off
FXAA - on
Antilasing - medium
Effects - medium
Leaves - low
Post progressing - high
View Distance - high
Texture - epic/high
Shadows - medium/epic

Try running the game in windowed full screen and cap you FPS to 120 or lower.

It this doesn’t work. Look for a lower Graka driver and install that to test if it runs better again or worse.

I am on PC, I tried these settings and am still running into the same issues.

I’m using the latest drivers available I’ve checked for any available updates

What I mean is to maybe use an older driver of you Graka and see if the issue disappears with it. Because then it could be the current driver’s problem. I did that once before until a newer driver came which then worked fine again as well.

Also may I ask what Graka you have?
The one I have in my notebook for example is a GTX1650. Though I will get myself an gaming pc to my birthday next year with a 30 series.

I have a GTX 1060

I’ve never installed an older driver before, do you have a recommendation of how much older of a driver to install?

Try two or three of the older drivers. And then use the best of the three that give you the least trouble.
You can find the older ones on nvidia’s website easily.

For me one driver back already had helped though each Graka could be different in this.

Thank you for your suggestions but this unfortunately doesn’t seem to have any impact on the bugs I’m experiencing

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Hm, If I remember correctly @Vargaresa has also a 1060.
Maybe he can help you out more then me.

How much RAM do you have?
Could also be that.


This game can use up to 12GB on low settings.

It should still be able to run on 8gig though, shouldn’t it?

Sure but you’ll get lags whenever you hit the cap of 8GB.

I can handle lag but what I’m experiencing are game-breaking bugs

It would help if you posted your PC specs.

What kind of bugs? Textures not loading?

A lot of Bugs that I experienced came from poor performance.
And as the game is poorly optimized, I would bet that getting another 8 gigs of Ram will potentially help you.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.50GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB

Refer to my OP for the bugs I’m experiencing
Unfortunately I’m currently capped for the RAM my rig can run

First of all.

You have LGU, which is Low Gpu Usage.
In other words, your CPU isn’t “strong” enough to properly “feed” your graphics card.

The other issue is the lack of RAM for this game.
As I said before, this game on Windows 10 can take up to 12GB of ram even on low graphic settings.

The bugs you’re experiencing is probably due to your rig not being capable to properly run this game.