Epic Games friends not shown after crossplay link on PS4

I’ve followed all the steps listed on the forum after the 2.0 patch went live to link my Playstation account to my epic games account, but the names of my friends on Epic Games still do not appear under the friends section of the menu after booting up the game on my PS4.

I have tried turning crossplay on and off, unlinking and relinking my account, turning off the game and then booting it up again, and uninstalling and resinstalling the software. Still the same problem. Would appreciate instruction if I missed something or a patch to fix this problem.

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You need a PC and install EPIC Games Launcher and then Accept the friends.
This has alluded many a PS players because it is the last step. They have invited you as friend which is great. But you need to accept the request because it is just a request. So you need to hop onto a pc somewhere (could be anywhere), use your username/password to log into Epic Games. Then go to the Friends Tab. Or they might pop up notifications once you log in.

Because Epic games Store is fairly new, they will apparently launch a mobile app on iphones and androids in the future. I think they announced this in July 2020.

You could try the Fortnite Launcher as an alternative method and I’m not sure if you can use the same Username Password so that could be an issue with that.
It is EGS’s official Epic Games App and it is only for Android currently. You might be able to accept friends requests through this app.

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have also taken those steps mentioned on my PC. I’ve downloaded the Epic Games launcher, sent them friend invites, and had them accept those invites. My Epic Games account on my PC shows that they are my friends, however after linking my epic games account to my playstation I still do not see them listed as friends on my PS4 after the fact. Not sure of what more I can do on my side.

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