In this off topic thread we will be debating about epic matchups and who we would think would win in a fight.

Feel free to talk about epic matchups you would like to see on this thread as well

Who would win in a fight

King Leonidas (300) vs Maximus (Gladiator)

I got one.
Elmo or Po the teletubby?


Them teletubbies are big as shit. He’ll beat the shit out of Elmo with that purse he be carrying

Lmao that was tinki winkie xD. Po was the midget of the group.




Holy shit I just realized, this would be a pretty good ft with a butter knife, vs pred that lost their mask.

Your thoughts? XD


Lol damn they mad ugz without their mask

Lol i dunno man if Po is in it you got to have all the teletubbies then to complete a FT

4 teletubbies in the Jungle looking for the Predator and one of them has a purse that holds his medikits and jelly beans

The one with the purse won’t need a combat knife, the purse is his melee weapon too

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How about:

Tinkie Winkie vs Barney

Maximus dawg

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Yea i was leaning towards Maximus too but it could be close.

King Leonidas was a beast too

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You sir. Are a fkn genius. XD. Teletubbies ft skin, for next DLC lmao.

As for the other fight, ima go with barney.


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Haha damn Barney is not so lovable i guess

Master chief Vs The double armored Stargazer trooper who takes 3 mags to the chest to kill

Dude it’s funny as hell, were talking about this, and this pic with barney holding the teletubby head was like one of the first results xD

Master chief.

Well duh I’m trolling though. Master chief rinses the 5 predators 8 fireteams and the whole stargazer fleet solo lol

Master Chief vs The Doom Guy

Haha nice

Chief. Big doom guy fan. But still chief

Daaamn i dunno Master Chief kills Aliens and Doom Guy kills monsters from Hell

If i had to choose i guess i would go with Chief too cuz his alien enemies were high tech