Please fix this map, if I look up at the sun, I fire a gun, predator uses plasma, my FPS drops to 10.


We are aware of a frame drop issue on excavation and are presently looking for a fix.



It happens while doing anything , even just running ,there are frame drops
When there’s any explosions , thats when you experience it the worst
Its unbearable … and it happens every time I play on that map

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And about backwater night time?


We’ll remember this when the next update comes out and Excavation is still unplayable.

I hope your statement is more truthful than the last time you said it.


Looking for a solution does not necessarily mean that it will be fixed by next patch

How long it takes to find a solution ? Cuz as long as I remember we have this issue for at least 6 months , I mean this is not just me who saying it , alot of people have this problem


You’ve been aware of this issue for a long time so why weren’t you trying to solve it back then when it originated?

Unless you’ve just been trying to solve it for so long but the rest of the Illfonic workers are incompetent and/or sitting on their asses dunkin’ donuts not giving a care in the world. I know barely anyone works on this game anymore, heck the only confirmed one we know of is Wil, but at least work to the best of your abilities to keep this game to as good a standard as allows, not a glitchy minefield where you discover more bugs than players every day.

Let’s say you have for some reason only just become aware of this bug, people have been reporting it all month at the very, very least so the Illfonic workers should be doing their job correctly and trying to fix it for the new scheduled update, not look for a solution, fail to find one, and then just give up on it for another 2 months.


This issue appeared along with some patch update.
It should be simple, like it’s only roll back to where there was no issue and double check the changes that were made on that patch.
It’s common sense…


We’ve been looking for solutions and recording information provided by you guys since the bug was initially reported. As I’ve said before, bug fixing is rarely a straight line and not as simple as rolling the game back (as much as we wish it was!)

Okay, take your time.

We’ve had bugs since day 1 that still haven’t been fixed

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What?? Ia that your answer? Is that Illfonic’s answer?
Those are your own words or someone told you to say that?

If they rush to try and fix it then more bugs could be made, but the time that it has taken to fix some bugs is ridiculous.

It doesn’t happen only at Excavation. That’s just where it happens the worst.

There are few spots on Excavation and HQ where FPS drops from whatever you have to below 30 FPS, which makes the game unplayable.

As soon as you leave those spots, your FPS goes back up.
It’s been like that since the maps were released, so it isn’t new.

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Dang guys remember @Kassinaillia is a person just doing her job, she’s not Illfonic, take it up with them

Here’s them


Let me know if I missed some

She’s the go-to between us and them so people’s frustration with Illfonics incompetency will bleed out onto her.

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This issue first popped up when the Hunting Party DLC came out, that was like in December of last year, a whole 6 months ago now. Should not take HALF A YEAR to fix a map.