Excellent gaming community!

I swear every time I play I come across some really cool people! This week my brother downloaded Predator Hunting Grounds and last night we were both on and I was teaching him the basics on how to play. After a few private games, we went into some quick play matches.

We were both playing as Fire Team and it was just us and whoever (random) was playing as the Predator ended up having microphones. It was really cool because the Predator heard that I was teaching my brother how to play and he was helping out! The dude was really cool. We ended up having a lot of fun.

This ended up happening in another few rounds too with me, my brother and a random Predator having mics and the Predator helping out in helping me teach my brother how to spot, parry etc.

Unfortunately I don’t know the IDs of the Predator’s so I’m not even sure if they’re on the forum. I think they were both PC players.

Anyway, I really enjoy the gaming community when I play online. Always meeting a lot of cool peeps and if those random Predator’s are here, thanks for the help! 🤘🏻


Well I’m Chuck2076, so you’ll probably run into me, I got crossplay on


Lots of friendly faces out there enjoying the game. That’s why I love playing Pubs. Always meeting new people, different playstyles, etc.

I’m sure we’ll cross paths at some point. My PSN is moosemike7.


I ain’t playing anymore, haven’t been on my ps4 in, dear god 4 months now (much to the delight of every poor bastard on my friends list) due to some life stuff.

Maybe some time this spring I’ll get some time off, in which case y’all know that I’ll be back to pub-stomping Star Wars Battlefront 2 public servers.