Excellent Graphics!!!

I’d just like to commend the developers and the whole team on producing such incredible graphics in Predator Hunting Grounds.

From all the small details incorporated into the styles, textures and all the work that went into the environments, it’s just incredible!

I’m always impressed with the way the plant life sways with the downdraft of the helicopter and the way it seems to push out of your way when running through the jungle. I can only imagine how much work must have went into creating such extensive interactive landscapes with such amazing details!

The Fire Team looks amazing and the minute details incorporated into their styles and the firearms do not go unnoticed!

The Predator’s styles and all of the details loaded into them as well is astounding! I’m impressed by the textures that really bring everything to life! There are quite a few “cinematic” photos taken by some forum members that really emphasize all of your hard work and they are amazing!

Seriously, excellent job to the entire team! I’m really looking forward to seeing where you take Predator Hunting Grounds! You’ve got a gem of a license and sooooo much potential laid out before you! Keep up the hard work!


Did you just upgrade from a Nintendo 64?

I’m assuming you’re on console. Only on PC you can get the best graphics, but in all honesty these graphics are just not bad at best.

Games like AC Valhalla, Crysis 3, even the new Battlefield have amazing graphics…but PHG, meh, they’re just ok even on max settings.

Game looks good god rays up the ass just plagued with bugs and unbalanced characters


Well, the first time that I opened the game the grapichs did a terribile first impression, too plastic and somehow “poor”

BUT after some time playing, I’m really really liking the grapichs;
the general eastetic, the lighting, the environment and the details, it’s a good work.

The only things that is still terribile is your FT face customization, it’s truly terribile, the hair are the worst ahahahh.

But as said, I think the rest is very good, the yautja face looks great, especially Alfa’s.

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Hahahaha your joking right?

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Don’t get me wrong the predators look great but the other stuff not so much


Just telling you what I felt, I like it and looks good to me.

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Half the AI have the same face too 😂

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Maybe they’re all androids and clones. There’s a whole backstory to Star Gazer that we don’t know about!! Ha!!

nobody talk about the male heads, they legit are just minecraft people

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