Exfil time

Grabbing the same rope as a FT member caused a status of Left Behind.
Guess he grabbed it first, so he got it.
Point is the chopper was still rated green but round ended straight after.

End of round summary:

1FT disconnected
2FT escaped
1FT left behind
Pred busy terrorising some locals


Your summary sounds like, “all of this on your local 5 o’clock news” xD


Video or it didn’t happen.


Trying to keep it simple for the devs.
One job at a time…

I have eyewitness reports and sworn statements. No fake news here

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So were you still on the ground? or did the animation exfil you but the banner read ‘left behind?’
PS or PC?

USually what happens is that if someone got it first, the ability to interact with the rope remains and you can still initiate the rope but the interaction sequence circle logo gets cut off at the point when the first person finishes his interaction successfully. then you interaction icon basically cancels out automatically and you’re active again in the game which means you need to grab another rope.

So, It means you did not successfully exfiled to the chopper, you must see the animation sequence of going up there.

IMHO, they should redesign it so that it is apparent that it is not available. Simple as making it blink while it is being interacted with.

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I legit spat my coffee🤣

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Best line I’ve read in a while.

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