Exploit | Weapons Clipping Thru Walls

Just played a match where the Predator used an exploit allowing him to attack with Combistick thru walls and I nearly died from the attacks.

This is total bullshit and needs to be patched ASAP @Courier

The player knew what they were doing and was intentionally attacking me thru the walls as the Predator.


Happened to my team on PS4 with a combi stick through building walls on derailed.

I usually dont play with the combi stick (bow/disc mainly here) but as i stood outside one of the buildings on backwater when the FT where camped up inside that building, i accidentally wristblade-slashed the wall from the outside and it made the same “slash-sound” it does when it hits a body, so i kept slashing a few more times but it didnt appear to do anything towards the FT, maybe because it were the wristblades? (i had motion detector on the roof so i knew 2 of the FT where close on the opposite wall). But the combi stick is longer so maybe that one gets through somehow. Man there are plenty of bugs they need to adress and still not a peee from Illfonic about the constant random disconnects and all other glitches ingame, claim FT/eating pig to jumping to a tree, lowering graphics making predator cloak visible, macro-exploiters getting out of net netgun-net in .1 second, macro-exploiters gunning down a predator in .1 second, hacking and wallhacking bullets across the maps through ANY building/object to down the predator… man the list goes on much longer than this, still not a single peep from Illfonic, @Courier or any devs, give us some acknowledgement that youre aware of all of this and say that youre working on it atleast, youre treating us gamers who paid for your game and DLC like ratshit right now!

There are some walls you can attack through and I’m pretty sure those are game design (they are bamboo slats and generally are windows you can actually see through), but what’s in the video is just broken.

Dude it’s either that or get roof slammed, or get blasted by the pc. Lol.

I’ve been combi sticked through all types of walls, I even got downed at the Stargazer camp on Derailed where I was underneath the walkway of the centre building and the Predator was attacking a teammate above me. I think it’s the AoE that’s broken? The attacks were coming through the floor🙄

Ven, il gladly attack you through the wall xD.

Don’t make me go under the map now😝🤣😏

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XD il go with you.

I wonder, can the Predator get underneath Backwater too? It should be possible🤔

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Idk, never bothered to try.

HMU when you’re on, we’ll test it out👍🏼

Ima be playing soon, il invite. See if we can get a group going.

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