FACT: PS baseline demographic complain about games poor performance because they are poor.

Try me, bitch 😂

Lighten up.

Can’t tell me what to do ☠️

Besides, I’m just here to have fun, that’s my purpose, yours is to be annoying and a troll

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We were actually in a lobby with me earlier but left cause we were all on inferior hardware, sorry for being poor :(

The OP oozes irony

My mum is so poor she uses cheerios for ear-rings.

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I would say that a good fraction of console players can afford to pay for a decent pc, but they’re so stuck on their simple ways that they can’t imagine having to deal with the complexity of a pc.

So let the poor bastardos enjoy their inferior hardware…their problem.

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Everybody knows the only reason people like Tropic Thunder is because they’re too poor to like Dodgeball.


You’ve never met the PS4 GTA playerbase with the smoke alarm low battery pinging, the vaccum on, dog barking, fan blowing, and kid screaming in the background on open mic?

Cyberpunk is garbage btw

I’m sure some can if they sell weed instead of spending all their babymomma’s other banybaddy’s child support money, they can buy a decent pc…maybe.

I don’t care. MassImpact124 will always be better and your perspective is from trollcity.

medics cocaine crisis

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