FACT: PS baseline demographic complain about games poor performance because they are poor.

Its still a notable fact that those who own PS4 or PS3 are fake posting their hatred on new/old cutting edge games by making fake troll posts about glitches and bugs that simply exist once in a while but intend on making it their lifes ambition to making themselves out to be the TROLL STAR forever.

Are these people literally spending every day of their lives playing on inferior consoles and hurting business reputations because they are poor? Why?

or are these troll posts made by social media agents paid to make these opinions heard?

If a game doesn’t work properly on their platforms do they fork out the money to buy a proper platform or do they kick themselves in the balls and play the game using junk hardware?
And if they know what the problem is (ie, processing power) are they so stupid as to not understand that money pays for better things?

Or that they are so POOR that they want the world to know that the shitty machines purchased in the early 2000s simply are standard and want the world to know their pain…that they can’t afford new hardware.

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I preferred it when you were banned.


Why? Dont tell me I just offended your sexual labido. becuse that tells me alot about you Rey Rey. Especially when the topic is about inferior hardware and incompetent people who own it raging online.

I feel your pain. But i see a troll a mile a mile a way!


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We all did, let’s spam his dms and bully him out😂 jk

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To be honest with you, mate. If P:HG was designed for consoles and it is underperforming, then that is not the playerbase’s fault. If they are rightfully complaining about known issues, then that is a problem. If they are lying about issues, then that is a problem, but it has nothing to do with their socioeconomic standing. I think this is a bait post to be honest.


just…re -read this because it is obviously a joke. because PC players are looking at this going…yeah…no.

Mind the grammar in that too, LOL. Correct me if I am wrong, as I am a PC player who got the game just last May/June, but wasn’t this game initially launched exclusively for console?

Is tbis guy for real?
What a dumbass.

hahaha…no. it wasn’t. PHG was developed with it’s userbases (which ever that may be) in mind. Those who like FPS use their platform to play it. 3rd person perspective use whatever they like.
Super Mario was not made for keyboard and mouse, like-wise Wolfenstain and Doom wasnt made for joypads/joysticks or gamepads.

One more time - from the top. Did the game initially launch only for consoles?

For the record, PHG was launched simultaneously for both PS and PC. Their respective hardwares ‘can’ handle both however PS and PC alike are ALWAYS DOOMED if they don’t have up-to date hardware. If i need to explain this further, if they have dirty hardware, old hardware, they suffer and experience loss in game quality.
MOST OF THE TIME it is those who have baseline Playstation that make bold statements in the community about the OVERALL PERFORMANCE of the game (or its design and how well its game design performs on their shitty hardware) on all platforms. In turn, this messes up the general concensus.

Then you answer my question, thank you.

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