Failed to retrieve Connection party details

Exactly what it says, i restarted my router, contacted my isp, tried both wired and wireless connection, and restarted my ps4.

I’ve experienced issues connecting with friends before, but nothing like this.

Was working fine on the 20th of april, but every day since i haven’t been able to squad with my friends.
(Pubs or privates)

I’m not sure what to do at this point besides reinstalling the game, but since i have had connection issues before I’m fairly certain it’s not on my end. I have 5G internet with up to 200mbs upload and 60mbs download speed. I shouldn’t be experiencing these kinds of issues.

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Sorry you’re having this issue. Have you checked if other games on your console are able to connect to multiplayer?

They do, it’s only with phg that this problem happens


That could happen if there is a PC player in the squad but you have your crossplay option turned off.

@Ulakooshie Is this the case? Do you have crossplay turned off?

I’m not the one who opened this thread.
But i know from experience that if you have crossplay turned off and you are invited to a party that already has a PC player you get some sort of connection error message when you try to join.