FairYautja - "F#cking cheaters" Are you serious?)

@FairYautja This is not the first time I have heard you insult us and accuse us of cheating. I launched 2 streams, one stream was from the camera aimed at the screen so that you wouldn’t think that I have overlays on top of the screen. Of the two streams, I recorded a video for you in which you can watch yours from my perspective. Links to the original streams with timecodes are indicated in the descriptions of these streams.

If he hasn’t learned how to play the game by now why bother




I wonder what he will say? I hope he will watch the video and find some cheats there

Oh, you could watch the legend on Twitch 😅

Ohhh, I beg a pardon! I always forget that I am supposed to call you exploiters, not cheaters. I know, it is not your fault. It is Illfonic’s fault to let you exploit the game. Hypocrites🖕🤡

FY is bad at the game and hurls insults around because he’s a braindead idiot.

He’s bad and he should feel bad. Mad cuz bad.

Fair yautja is an potato and everyone knows It. I killed him one Day. Hes a potato. He cant do nothing instead hitting with the spear and nothing Else.

Seriously dude? If you need, buy a controller and connect it to your PC. because you’re a piece of shit who keeps talking about other people

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What exactly are they exploiting,

Excuse me, but which one did the “expolit” use?

Keyboard and mouse 🤣

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What they do though

I mean yeah it’s the broken meta, but I don’t see any cheating here. Maybe a busted ass team composition but it’s in the game, that’s on Illfonic


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Do you have any idea what exploit we used? Claimed by FairYautja

No clue buddy

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shooting. playing ft with guns is exploiting. lmao

I know he hates when he gets parried and some uses melee input, shouldn’t matter though for a variety of reasons, I would love to see what he is going to call you out on lol

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