Fallen heroes?


Vid wouldnt load so it’s in this form. It’s about an accusation of lies against David Attenborough

Are they proven as lies?

The same happened with Neil degrass tyson , but I have no idea what the outcome of it was , you get clout chasers that target famous faces , but I would bet a lot of them turn out to be true

There’s plenty of articles about the accusations and for the most part it seems to be a matter of ‘expert’ opinion, when it comes to the walrus and bird cases. I’m yet to watch his full vid tho.


It’s going to be am epic battle between two piles of dust 😁

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Reading a good part of the comments, there is pretty heavy concensus that Attenborough is pushing a political climate change agenda. Most people are fed up with him, some are sympathetic as of he’s been dragged into this.

Yet to listen to Dr. Moore’s climate change vid (link above), but right now I’m of an opinion that humans are polluting and destroying wildlife. While i don’t know if it’s as serious of an issue, i do think that we should curb our activities and renew wildlife. Attenborough’s suggestions for this seem practical enough for an issue like this.

While there was really no one defending Attenborough on the alleged lies, this was as close as it came to being so…

Dave is a living legend. He is to be left in peace.

Besides. As a narrator he is probably handed a script and told to read it. So if a documentary is edited a certain way it’s not his fault. If he thinks climate change is a thing (it is) then he can say that if he wants.

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Agreed. Perhaps in this case theybthink ends justify the means, which is not always bad. If manmade climate change is significant, should we really wait until things are really bad or until the data catches up?

It’s kinda sad how many people in the comments throw him under the bus

You mean there are a$$holes on the internet???

Yes, but many of those people like him before. All it takes is one misstep and youre cast out

The climate always has and always will change , regardless of what agenda tries to use it to sell their electric cars to make as much money as possible

This isnt about that Walrus is it? Because there is a Special on Netflix that shows the unedited version of this incident and you see the Walrus start the at the top of the Mountain and they show what it looks like when they go up there and the huge difference in the Mountain.

If this video is about that Walrus incident then the creator of that video is just a Fake Cancel Culture loser boi in his or her or their momma basement.

They just get shown a 15 second video clip of a Walrus tumbling down a mountain with D.A talking about it.

Its time we cancel the cancel culture cult because lets be honest that what they are. And I mean cancel permanently

He has been filming since the late 40’s when he started the World had more Wilderness then populated areas. Now only 70 years later its there are less Wilderness than Population and its not even that we are at 24% wilderness left.

He ain’t pushing no Agenda he has seem it first fucking hand. With his own Eyes.

He has watched the Arctic go from 99% perma ice to there is more Bare earth than iced earth.

One accusation is about the walrus; another about birds eating plastic.

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I do agree with him about destruction of wildlife. The video claims that he’s connecting come of it to carbon dioxide production by humans, which is what it all seems to be s out - reducing CO2 emissions.

For me, that doesn’t have to be the case for his cause, but i guess some of the vids are slanted that way.

I did watch about 45 mins of the other video (his accuser, Dr. Moore, talking about climate change. It rounds reasonable, but i think there is a little doubt at the very least. He says that temp rises and CO2 levels have increased through history and this is no different. We are in once such period right now. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not masking human contribution to it)


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I believe her, but not the people who sponsor her