You heard of this new BUG that makes you able to kill a predator in 2 hits? watch this guide on how YOU can activate it TODAY!


Im not surprised, another glitch that makes fireteam better

Now everyone is gonna do it

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I believe that’s the point.



Anyone else care for a drink while we wait and watch for PHG/the forum to burn?

Also for anyone who needs it to make their day better here’s a picture of my dog eating some spaghetti


Here you go…so you can see that I’m not lying when I say that SamHack13 is a cheater…besides being a crap person…and being a puppet at the mercy of the society that surrounds him… and another thing I’ll prove is…that he’s Gey…but…Gey…Gey…Gey…sucks dick

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I swear …for the fucking mother of SamHack13 that I will not use this GLITCH

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Yay. More shitty ft mains doing shitty ft things

I mean who’s gonna want to play Pred after this shit?

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Someone go see if fantasma is doing this yet

Anyone we catch using it let’s disk spam

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Seems as though it’s already been fixed,
I went in and tested it, and can’t get it to work.
Did learn that fanatic works at half hp though.

Explains why I’ve been instant killing random players without having to claim them,

Anytime I tried to do this a team mate revived me and stopped me from trying, untill I went to private,

Yes, they fixed it, it doesn’t work at least with Dante Fanatico and Dhus Fanatico

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and by “everyone” you mean like 20 veteran players that play a few matches a month

Most of the FT player base right now are noob randoms that play for like a week and then move on to something else. They are too dumb/naive to even bother doing shit like this. Most don’t even know about specializations (assault+deadly while running a sniper rifle or lmg, scout+duelist running a shotgun, dante+unleashed without explosives, etc.)

Only players that are somewhat constant are main preds

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Ultimate Meta


Always troglodytes that exist to devour peoples work like a happy meal

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No, not everybody. Just people who need to feel better about their pathetic lives and this game is all they have. In the end they know they suck which is why they need this in the first place. Not helped by idiots who share the exploits.