Favorite predator?

Which one is the best?

Okay no wait, what are you asking my Favorite Pred or the Best Pred?

Those are two different questions my guy

Both. Either or.

Favorite: Tie between Light Stepper & Scarface

Best: Prince from AVP2

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Scar has always been my favorite. I have a scar Hot Toys figure. AVP (2004) was the first movie I ever saw.

I think the best is Prince from AVP2 (2001). If I remember correctly, he destroyed two Predalians and a Power Loader. Additionally, the scene where he jumped onto the roof of the dropship was very impressive.

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LUCKYYYYY!!! Man I can’t wait to get my first Hot Toys Figure (when I can afford it💀)

Follow up question.
If you could have a model replica of any pred, which one would you pick?

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Yeah, the Hot Toys figures I have are AVP2 Predalian, AVP2 Warrior, Scar, and Celtic, and they’re all expensive.However, I’ve never regretted my purchase. Worth buying if you like Alien and Predator!

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Easy, my boy Nomad


As for PHG, I like the Hunter + Arthos mask.

I’m drawing to take a break while working on solving @Anyt1m3’s puzzles, but drawing arthos is fun.


Well done, detective. The theme is Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty is his most famous criminal. I made a mistake thinking that ‘Moriarty’ is spelled this way ‘Moriarti’. Tells you how much I know about Sherlock Holmes 😂

Nice looking Predator drawing

Scarface. He’s just… Kool. So kool. I wish Hot Toys would do a figure for him. I’d buy that shit in a heartbeat. His NECA figure is great, imagine Hot Toys

I spent all night thinking about what “Moriarti” is. I couldn’t sleep that night.

There are still some mysteries left, so I’ll continue working on them. If there’s something I don’t understand, I’ll ask you for advice in the science thread.

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Sounds good. If you don’t know something, Google and you’ll get a decent answer

I’ll try to be as hassle-free as possible for you!

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