Fearless, downrange needs point increase

so here’s the dilema, both of these perks cost 4 points for pred where yaujta bane cost 6. Either bane should be reduced to 4 as well, or these 2 perks need to be increased to 6 as well for you know balance. @OldKingHamlet

Are you even aware of that Bane deals extra damage with ALL attacks meanwhile fearless is melee only and down range is range only? So what do you mean with “balance” if you want them to cost the same?

In this case Bane should cost 200% of what fearless and down range costs if you want it to be “balanced” as you’d call it. OR down range + fearless should be 1 perk together, not 2.


Stop whinning and Git Gud!


Stat wise YB is a extremely powerful blanket buff that covers all FT damage and while divided individually as a personal buff, it stacks as an overall group DPS buff.

Fearless and Down range not only apply to single category of damage output, most of the community have deemed them fairly useless compared to other perks that provide better utility.

Even the damage resistance debuff Preds can have has been deemed pretty useless and is at the bottom tier when it comes to options.


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But you’re taking down range and fearless (zerker it the only one viable to take it) over better perks?

Samarui/ alpha/ zerker ise fearless extremly well… if you ever get dropped in 1csec from a sickle from alpha let me know

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That logic is not sound. Its an asymetrical game. While symetry is nice, that’s it, its nice. Not a balancing point especially since Yautja’s bane is stacked on top of already insane DPS.

You should see the real video…the muscles on this kangaroo is insane!

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Yautja Bane needs to be removed 😂


All damage booster perks should be removed, i even think it would make more Predators go in for melee and bow/pistol action. At the moment it feels safest to stay on range as a Predator and try kill 2 Fireteam players with the plasma caster before going in.
It would be a much more fun game if Illfonic would make it so that players can make use of the whole Predator arsenal of weapons and not just the plasma caster, they get melted if they go close combat.

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The fuck they don’t. I believe the answer you’re looking for is

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Eggs and Baccy


I remember how dumb this argument was