Fellow Clash Master race

Containment thread for the 10 people who enjoy playing Clash to spear preds out of trees.

We need a Search and Destroy mode, something with limited lives, silencers, etc. King of the Hill pacing is dumb.
Only then will Hunt players understand.

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Type game mode would be neat

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Arm pred bomb.
Defuse pred bomb.

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Bomb has been planted

The modifiers they added in the recent patch can absolutely help in future game mode creation.

You can create tdm, hell make the rounds super short and make them 1 death your out S&D style like you mentioned.

Future looks bright for our future game modes and creation :)

Would enjoy having no point minimum to become pred, to avoid having to sacrifice someone to gain a pred.

That way you can just jump into whatever game mode you please and have the 1 pred 3 ft set up right away.

Maybe an idea for a future modifier?
@OldKingHamlet :)

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Community playlists like Halo with grifball and custom rotations. Or a server browser.
either tbh

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That was my first thought when they gave us our first modifiers.

Would be fucking epicccc.

There are so many options especially with the new ones they added!!!

Clash should have never existed.
No we dont need CoD modes.
Leave that to cod.

Clash sucks.

Better to just add more options to privates so ppl can set stuff up.
The only thing we do need is 2v8/3v12 hunt.

We need more COD modes and AI are for nerds

Wait what does that mean?
A.i. that at for nerds?

Cause while we dont need more cod modes,
We could really use a pve co op mode that let’s pred team up with ft.

Especially for players who rather work with others.
Maybe some super beast or huge horde of something.

Fuck AI and fuck co-op

Fuck clash that shits lame as fuck.
You want that go take your ass to fkn cod get fkd you hore.

Seriously pretty much everyone hates clash.
We dont want it.
Dont need it.
Give us actual interesting shit.

lol only because its king of the hill.
Players are 1000% better to play against than AI.

Not the ones that we run over easy as fuck.
And theres a lot of those.

In this game I’d rather help them.
Which Is why I so often end up becoming a tutorial guide for ppl…