Fellow Potheads

So to all my fellow pot heads who use bongs do I have a treat for you.

So I recently been infusing water with citrus fruits. Like oranges and lemons.

So I always boil my bong water that I get from the tap to get all impurities out. That make the hit harsher, so I wanted to try something since I have drink homemade infuse water. So I wanted to try it in my bong. And holy fuck was it great.

The hits taste slightly like the fruit, but the big plus is the lack of grossness that builds on the inside of the chamber. I when I changed my water I will swirl it and to my surprise all the gunk came off and was dump-able. So too all my fellow pot heads plz try it.

Boil and citrus fruit for 10 mins strain make aure to get all pulp out and enjoy taste bong rips

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Weed hasn’t been the same since it was fully legalized

Back when I had a medical card the weed was so much better

That’s why I mainly use cartridges now

In the mid 2000s where I lived there were dispensaries on every street

They would literally be like next to each other

I’ve yet to find true skywalker og or maui wowi since

I will never buy weed from a dispo. I tend to stand outside amd wait to see the big growers and go buy bulk for the same price the dispo would charge me for a oz

Pro-tip: Use purified tap water and ice in your bong.

Pro-tip#2: Buy a heat gun and only vape with your bong. Combustion and lighters are a thing of the past. Take 3 hits at 390 F and then discard bowl (can be used for butter).

Enjoy full flavor.


If you dont want to buy a professional heat gun where you can dial in the temp buy a wand and bowl at the above site.


Weed since it has been legalized in CA has become weak as the market has been flooded. Also, edibles are weaker now by law. Pro-tip #3: Grow your own.

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I’m lucky i got a few of those korova cookies that had 1500mg of thc in them when they made them

Shit was borderline psychedelic

I was alone in a haunted theme park too it was glorious (not actually haunted but with actors)

Oh those cookies are psychedelic for sure. I used to get those 1000 mg brownies and would eat half, then think I was dying.

Me talking about pot:

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I ate the whole cookie in one sitting

After have smoked 2 blunts to the dome

I would take random naps around the park

I could only imagine how wierd I must have looked to everyone passed out on a bench

I woke up and security was starting to gather around me

It sobered me up a little 😅

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I use a hemp wick. Always ice, and thats why i boil my water that is but into my bong.

Pro tip, you can use warm tea with no sugar. I have done this and fuck the rips were nice

You have to boil your water? What country you live in?

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In the us. I am not putting tap water into my bong. Gross. So you have never boiled water. How you think you get crystal clear ice cubes.

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That’s a little excessive. If you vaped as much as I do, you would just use tap water. Not like im drinking it after.

Also you purify your water but still push smoke though it? Get a vap and pull the vape through the water. That is real purity.

I hate vapes worst highs ever

Smoking produces a more stoned feel. This is due to the creation of noxious chemicals via combustion. Vape is just pure essential oils, terpenes, and thc/cbd.

The vape high is much cleaner, clearer and produces less anxiety. Moreover, you can control vape hits easier and thus can more accurately gage the dosage. In contrast to a smoldering bowl, there is no residue or ash left behind that fowls up the water and taste.

Vape bong hits are the best.

I want all the dosage

So dont let the flame on impact and while smoldering kill your thc. just vape or eat it. if you are concerned about health