Female Elder Predator

We should be able to customize this right?

Wait…there isnt option to change to fem body?
Are you sure? Because getting 150 lvl is long way :P

I wonder if you can change the Elder Predator to female is she gonna have saggy tits?


Someone on the forum claimed to have unlocked it and confirmed that you cannot change to female just like the jungle hunter.

I dont care if it does, I’ll use them to bitch slap the FT lol

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You’d think they have some serious advanced predator brah tech to strap them together :D


I’m not lvl 150 yet so i can’t confirm but if you set your Pred body to body type to and then go down to view the elder it look more like a male hunter

I have elder and you can’t, it as the same customizable options has the ‘87 jungle hunter, can’t change skin pattern, armor style, and Body Type, it’s a male class. Yuh can change the mask, predlocks, and warpaint tho. I just wish I can make my elder all golden :(

We can only hope that in the future they expand the costumization options. At least a couple of skin patterns and different armor colors would have been nice so every 150 pred you encounter doesn’t look the same.

I truly hope they do expand on it plus fuck them trophies being in the rng lootbox. They add more style, we should be able to unlock them through challenges at least. I want the pistol for the elder to fit the look

If it is another class then they should make it where you can change everything like the other classes. The 87 Predator is a special one so I can see not changing to much on him. The elder class should be fully customizable though. Please fix this Devs!!!

I love your profile

Lmao… pervs…

Atleast be an addict to tight female yatuja’s…


Stop trying to bang the Predators.

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But what about science?

If given the choice to play a male character in fishnet vs a female character in fishnet, female all day every day lol.