Feral predator in PHG

I think it’s basically a net bomb that is fatal no matter what. Unlocked at level 600

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Yeah if it’s made to be practically impossible to break out of and it’s 50 damage per second a default Assault goes down in 3 seconds. Support, Dutch, Dantes go down after 4 seconds.

Ahhhhhhh… sounds delicious

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@OldKingHamlet here’s your next big idea for PHG (maybe nerf this a little)

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No way I wanna use this shit against all those bastards who run Dantes and Supports against me in private matches🤣🤣🤣🤣jk

I meant to put big instead of bug.

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@IllFonic - forum and game servers are being flooded with waves of Feral imitations - please stop this heresy and give us proper Feral Predator DLC. And don’t forget that HE NEEDS TO HAVE THAT SPEARGUN for the love of God

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It’s sadly not time for the update drop next month.

yes illfonics stop him!

Unrelated, is it just me or did feral seem to really hate traps?

I don’t think he hated them, but he just seemed curious about them.

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About something other than PHG

God can you imagine if the pred had decent weapons and gear? Sad

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Don’t give me hope.

Jason’s coming to get those ideas out of you’re head because they hurt to think about.

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I’m betting they just take the warclub or sickle and shave it into a stick over the course of 6 months & call it a day.

Then again preds have been dropping with zero gear or new weapons now so that might be a tall order.

illfonic has a chance to maybe bring back alot of players back 2 the game if they can make the feral predator accurately. I’m hoping they drop the dlc soon.

I hope his face is inaccurate

Lmao good one

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Kills himself if you knock his mask off kek

Already waiting for someone to do some ricochet triple arrow trick shot with the shoulder canon