Few ideas

  • new gamemode 2v8 or 1+4 vs 1+4 or predator clan wars 2v2 or something like this. Could reduce predator wait times for games if more can play at same time. You already support multiple predators and more players in one game so it shouldn’t be a big problem (that ‘clash’ gamemode…)
  • optional side quests for Predators (like releasing hounds from movies) or side quest which gives some veritanum, becouse now around 250 per match is max what you can get. Optional Quests for FT would be nice too, instead of only bonus XP.
  • skin shaders are usually only colors. Weapons and Item variants, like cleopatra disk vs standard disk is the way to go. Although, some legendary FT weapon skins are cool.
  • new weapons should be useful, not useless like predator hammer or war club which nobody uses
  • patch not used perks and weapons
  • queue system is still broken, waiting like 20minutes in empty lobby with bots and must start new queue and hope that players appear.


Great ideas. I really hope Illfonic does something about the Predator wait times…

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What do you Suggest?

There is literally nothing you can do.

Make it like F13? So not only do you have to deal with Teamrs but now we have to worry about playing days without playing as the Predator?

The wait times are the way they are by the way match making works.

So lets say there are 500 players in the server.

300 of them want to play the Predator.

The other 200 are made up of FT players and No Preference. For the sake of math lets make it 150 ft players 50 no Preference.

So you have 37.5 teams of Ft. made up of parties if 2-4. The other 50 fill in the slots.

So lets say there are only 45 lobbies with FT in them.

So thats only 45 Predators that can play. So the other 255 preds have to wait there turn.

Lets say average matches are 8 mins long. So thats only 7.5 matches an hour per ft. So thats why the wait times are long because there are so many Pred players compared to Ft players. After a Year of this game being out and this very topic being explained time and time again. Maybe just maybe you would have search for why the wait times are the way they are

Another newbie I see lol

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