FF7 OUT FOR PS5! And that Damn door is fixed!

Oh thank goodness, I can enjoy the rest of the game now

So, it’s the finished version of the $70 game I bought. Loving the state of the industry these days.


Got to research man before you buy lol

What research was left to be done? The game was released, no talk of extra story/yuffie content (totally unexpected as Yuffie is… objectively the least relevant character in the entire game), and the dlc was included in the deluxe edition I bought. Not sayin I regret it, just a shit move by publishers.

At least they allow us to transfer data, so… I mean yeah I’m gonna get it somewhere down the line lol

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Yo I got it for PS plus for free upgrade to deluxe and I couldn’t upgrade it so I pre ordered from the website and got a neat deluxe edition steel case for the game 😁

I saw that deal and winced… what a kick in the teeth for those of us retard 90s kids that bought it day one. At least I’m not the type for collectors edition traps.

Regardless… its a good game for what it is. It totally fucked up the plot as expected but gameplay wise, I’m alright takin this L lol

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I’m glad and I know what you mean let’s just hope the sequels get better or this will be the worst case of using fans nostalgia like Pokémon Detective Pikachu


I suspect they’ll take the most basic course plot wise and throw in some side bs and creative liberties with things they shouldn’t.

There’s really no reason beyond ego they couldn’t help themselves to butcher the plot and add in one of their own. One of the most iconic games that literally sold the PS1… fuckin ‘wraiths’ fuck you fucks.

I’m thinking this is just in another timeline so ours still exist lol so let the new people enjoy it we know ours was the best, hell I wouldn’t be surprised if they collided the 2 in the end and this was the plan of “Brothers” the whole time since we didn’t get a sequel after Dirge

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Nah, they could have embellished one of the greatest stories in gaming. Instead they inserted their own narrative cuz they couldn’t help but ignore a perfect storyline.

Again, it’s enjoyable, but very disappointing at the same time…

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Cheer up man at least we got the train scene lol

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