FFVII War of the voices

Ok so when the remake came out old fans were pissed about the recast, then accepted it (or at least I did since the OG cloud voice actor told us to give them a chance) because they just thought of them as the younger selves, but now that crisis core reunions coming out, it’s a uproar!

So what do you guys think?


I remember watching Maximilian Dood’s walkthrough about a year ago. He was saying that because of Gackt, this game would never be remade. And somehow Square pulled it off (probably was a no brained given FFVII Remake’s success). Let’s enjoy it (and save out energy for sheeting on the upcoming PHG update)

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What if instead of sitting on the new PHG update, we just shit on it in general

We all know it’s going be the exact same dlc as the last 10 predators


Sheeting is exhausting. Better to save it for the right moment.


I did like how the ‘pachinko’ seems to be less of an interruption to the battle mode. Probably the most annoying mechanic in OG version. If that’s the case, no one will be composing about that

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Everything’s been said honestly.
What more could we say about ilfonic?

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More of the same. Every update brings out the best in us. I actually have some text saved up, but lazy to make s video (on the spirit of @LordDIOBrando2 EAS videos). Kinda feel indifferent about the whole thing too. Used to be a love and hate thing, but now I have no expectations and at best can be happy for pred cosplay folk for getting a new skin to work with.

I guess what would be kinda edgy is if they released Royce tapes and he basically went against what Izzy said. He’d say something like, ‘at first it was for the sake of survival but eventually I came to respect the yautja code…’ (going into how primal it is, but also how fair and ‘pure’ and not hypocritical like much of human laws). That could lead to a good multi ban discussion.

I feel like we could have that discussion and not get banned.
Wed be talking about morality of preds.

Now, whether a bunch of other stuff would pop up, who knows.

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It would pop up and I’d say that is good. Why limit a good discussion?

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who summoned me?

Giving credit to you for inspiring me…to sheet on the devs in a creative way 😁

how did i do that?

Your EAS videos

and they inspired you to shit on the devs?

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Not that. They inspired a creative way of doing it. Didn’t need help with finding reasons to sheet of devs 😁

can i see the creative way you shat on the devs?

Ill send you the text a bit later.