Fictional religion, science, and world building ideas

  1. Imagine a sort of Christian religion where there’s an animal made in God’s image, but then humans overtook them and hold their place.

  2. A flat earth that extends infinitely in ocean and glacier walls. I mean come on no limitations on world building

  3. A world where God physically lives on the earth and rules as a benevolent king (secretly or outright evil would be a bit generic no?)

  4. A world where organic and inorganic things swapped. So humans are basically war-forged with iron trees and pop cans are made from… flesh? I thought of the warforged first and didn’t think about the organic part until after so fak yu there’s your nightmare fuel.

  5. Heaven is in the middle of the sun, and hell is the outer layer not protected from the heat, and sinful souls are just souls that aren’t strong enough to pass through to heaven because of their sins.

  6. A world where technology exists, but is shunned by certain societies

  7. A world where rpg logic is reality I.E you can tank blows you really shouldn’t and this would be canon.

  8. A world where every inhabitant, is a literal God. Bonus points if they represented ideas like in a pantheon but that’d take a lot of creativity.

Honestly irl kinda is like this sometimes. You can on occasion get a guy walking into the ER with a bullet in his head with minor to no cognitive impairment because it missed all the important structures in the brain, or just outright curved around it by following the skull. Or the one guy who fell on a drill, had it drill through his head straight through the brain and out the other side.
This is his x ray.
He is still alive.
Motherfucker got up, had no cognitive problems, and got away with only loosing the eye it entered by and some nerve damage in his face.


True but I mean shit like taking a knife to the neck and still physically breathing

Basically you have hp. And you don’t take physical wounds until your hp is at one.

So you can take 3 slashes anywhere to your body, have nothing more than a bruise, go to 1 HP and any cut will go through you now proper.

With the way humans are going now, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is actually the case XD
Maybe it was one of the species we extinctified 3 decades ago.

Although the words ‘flat earth’ just makes me want to tear someone’s spine out with my teeth, the more I think about it this is pretty cool conceptually. But, let me be clear, as a THOUGHT EXPERIMENT. Not a fucken pseudo-cult.

There are two possible options in this scenario: One; life is infinitely better for all humans. There’s no such thing as ‘sin’, because God decides to eradicate it from our minds, and we’re basically characters in a RTS game with no free will or self-observation. Bliss. Second option; not much different than the world today. God may be on earth, but doesn’t give enough of a fuck about his creation/just wants to see what happens when people can conclusively say he exists. Wars immediately explode, people attempt to assassinate both God and one another, Christians either grow tremendously in influence and power or are dissolved by hateful other religions. Crusades, more poverty, a modern version of the spanish inquisition (which nobody expects, of course) and quite possibly an explosion in suicide rates - either due to fanatics wanting to go to heaven, masochists wanting to go to hell, or people just getting fed up with the shitty life on earth that bastard’s presence will create.

Wasn’t there an artist who kinda made furniture sculptures to look like they were full of flesh and guts inside? Idk what his name was, but he was japanese and it was really weird.
From a technical viewpoint, this is a very deep rabbithole to dive down. Where does flesh end and chemicals begin? What’s the difference between biological and regular machinery? Are mammals and robots just the same kind of creature, with a massive difference in complexity? Is one side even superior to the other?

Laughs in already had my existential crisis 6 years ago, thankyouverymuch

I’d suggest going to live with some of the mongolian mountain tribes if you want a taste of this. These people do exist, although very few and far between. If you mean like western societies, I think whichever shunned technology would be immediately destroyed and invaded by the people with nukes.

I would enjoy that…
Would you also have alignment-dependent dialogue options?

Prolly not much different to societies today. Let’s, for starters, say that instead of all being piled into one world with reality-changing powers like kids given creative mode in a mincraft server, all the Gods were given the power to create their own mental universes that were very real, but only accessible and alterable by them. I have actually followed through with this thought experiment before, and the short and curly is basically it’s entirely likely that in the ‘real’/communal world, society would progress as normal, albeit maybe without the market for RTS games. That is, if the power doesn’t go to everyone’s head and they lose themselves in their own universes, never partaking in the communal reality and acting as dictators doing slowly crueller and more perverse shit in their world which noone else can see. This is likely what’s going on in our reality, if you ask me.

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That’s plausible. There would have to be some side effects though… remember Phineas Gage? Motherfucker got a rail spike propelled right through his head, survived, and became an absolute ass afterward. Goddamn, neuroscience is interesting XD

But would this scale along with HP? Say for instance people are just innately aware of their hp, as RPG players are of their character’s. The more HP you lose, would wounds start to affect you more? Would you be able to do things to not only restore HP, but permanently increase it? If you’re just a fast eater, do you naturally recover HP faster? Honestly the most realistic thing here is that those in society with the most levels kill the weak for more power, and sooner or later the world is ruled by people who are virtually immortal and nobody can challenge.

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I was thinking more of a flawed god that isn’t infinitely powerful.

I guess my idea was a specific version of this rather than a generic idea.

I should specify first this is how I would implement it specifically but there’s multiple ways to do this. My goal isn’t to just plop rpg mechanics in, but actually make it a natural thing within the world that makes scientific sense to an extent

Partially. They don’t consider it hp and it’s essentially just being physically strong. The stronger you are, the more damage you can take.

Yes, healing potions and spells would still exist.

Also yes but not magically.

Good idea, but I’ll say only when resting and not mid combat.

Just killing people wouldn’t make you stronger. It’s effectively body building.

And I was thinking of limiting the maximum power level of people. I don’t want people to just be physical gods.

I guess what I said and what I meant by rpg rules were two different visions.

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Hmmm… Well, in that case, Christians would still do the whole warmongering bullshit because ‘they’re right’, even if it’s plainly evident to the world that God is weak. I think in this scenario, a lot of theologists and philosophers would become deeply depressed, along with anyone else who realises how mind-curdlingly terrifying the concept of a flawed god is; it means that this life, and this reality, is the best he has the capability to do and it’s so flawed because he has no capacity to achieve better.

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Well, I’m gonna lose a lot of time daydreaming about conquering this reality…

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I await the feedback

This whole thing sounds like a cluster fuck.


You got shit going in a million directions.
It sounds straight up like anime.

Shut your sax Fire!

Fuck off

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These are different ideas not connected with each other. Just random shit. I really only have a story for one of them