Field locker bugs

It unlocked a skin for my Alpha


My friend and I both encountered the same bug

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Got it as well, same issue - not displayed in any section of equippable items/skins.
Same happened on an epic quality item as well, which might be another trophy.

Yeah the field lockers are a little bit broken right now.
Hopefully @OldKingHamlet can send this bug along to be fixed, but I’m not in any hurry.

But I do want those new mythical trophies, so I hope they don’t bug out.

Yeah, we’re seeing a lot of reports of field locker issues.
The team is aware and should be looking into a fix (if they haven’t already found a fix)

I think the giant feet are kinda funny though


Poncho’s hat possibly?

That’s good to know

Thinking about yesterday, since there was no vid. There is a facepaint called Poncho…could be?

No, its to convenient to just be that, with the next character looking like Poncho.

Yeah but we’ve been burned before. I think there’s another reasonable explanation

Yeah but that was with Isabelle who is supposed to come with a new mode and such, but I understand your view on it.

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@Cadillackid @Cadillackid the Poncho silhouette is a placeholder for future FT; just like the JH87 silhouette is a placeholder for future Predators.

That’s what I believe yes

Bumping because it’s no sock day

Illfonic tweeted about it, never knew it was a thing

Thanks for that.

Giant foot is funny, indeed.

Another one issue is:
Items already unlocked not being recognised as duplicate.

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I keep unlocking items that I already have.

All of my city hunter combi shadders weren’t deemed as dupes.

Sorta caught on about 2 or 3 of em later and double checked I bought them all.

My theory is the mythical trophies aren’t added yet.

Trophies are probably in game, but most likely they weren’t implemented properly