Field Lockers Should Open up 1 Ticket of THE INVINCIBLE STAR MUSHROOM!

So i think there should be some incentive that is on par with getting mythics where you’d open a field locker and get a special ticketed perk which allows you to play 1 game where you can be INVINCIBLE!

–meaning deal no damage whatsoever for one time only!
–you should glow brightly and sparkle because ppl should know you got the perk and should run for their lives!


No thanks 🙏

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Just like super Mario when he gets a star!

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I placed this in the feedback section . This is more like wish list thing.

I’d prefer even 1 mythic first thanks, they should outright remove 500 and 1250 veritanium items because they dilute the pool so much that mythics never come and 500’s constantly make me loose money on field lockers. Those things in general are a total waste unless you’ve already unlocked everything but day by day I’m getting closer maybe 2 weeks and I will have all of it