Figures, Figures, Figures!

Is this new or old?

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So what! It’s cheap 20 bucks!

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Lol so true 🤣

Ok I didn’t get it lol

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That $20 will build up to $2000 before you know it

I’m only getting one…might even get the battle damage mr black to

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And the city hunter and grey back and some aliens to battle and the queen xeno and robocop and superman…

Just ordered the limited edition NECA Harry Warden and Frank Armitage 😎

Now I need John Nada and some Alien troopers

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They don’t have a John Schaefer action figure!

You could make a custom one using the head from the AVP arcade 2 pack

No not the same, I’m a package collector not custom 😅

I’m going to sneak into your house and open all your toys!!

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You do I’ll sell your collection or intercept your packages and sell them lol


Overkill much?

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That is from another company which uses different molds and models from NECA, so it won’t really fit well with any NECA made figures.

Really? Oh only this though right?

NECA Water Emergence Predator 7" Action Figure Predators Collection Serie 9 Doll

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I don’t want city hunter though 😥

Wtf is wrong with you?! 😅