Filter after ping

Being able to filter out the matchmaking after ping would be nice. It’s not the most pleasant thing to be in the queue as Predator and end up in a lobby where you have 250ms(same for FT ofcourse, but they have shorter queue time). I’m sure the matchmaking system can be changed to match players after their ms too.

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How does this affect everything? Genuine question, I’ve never really understood how long makes a difference to things.

If you’d be able to filter your ping then you could decide beforehand that you do not wish to join a lobby where everybody has 20ms and yourself ends up with 300ms.
Setting the max ping value to 100ms as an example, would make you only join lobbies where you will have a maximum of 100ms during the round.
It would affect every single game experience you have. I’ve ended up in lobbies with 300ms before and it becomes unplayable, i even played together with a random Fireteam guy before who had 999ms, i don’t know what he was doing or where he lived in the world, but he couldn’t do much in that round.

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The ping is a measure for the “signal transit time” to the server. Let’s assume, your ping would be 30min (not possible, just for clarification:) - the match would be over before you could do ANYTHING. Meanwhile the predator could slash 15min at your petrified soldier (or vice versa) - which would not move during that. Not nice… Got it?

Typical reaction times of humans are some 200ms.

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Makes sense now, appreciated guys👍🏼

Bring this to the boys!

Bumping this thread, because i don’t see the reason for playing if your ms is going to be 200+, you can’t really do anything. We should be able to filter out the maximum allowed ms in the matchmaking. So as an example, if you set maximum ms to 50, then the matchmaking system will NOT put you in a group if your own ms will exceed 50.
I don’t care if this would cause me to have 5-10 minutes longer queue time as Predator, if i join a game where i have 200+ ms then it’s a wasted 15minutes anyways.

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It might not be so easy, as the question is: how meaningful is the sheer ping time?

Which value should said matchmaking use, the maximal ping time, an average ping time or something else?

It could happen, that your average ping time is fine, but you have bad ping maxima - right in the middle of a melee.

This scenario might even be likely, because CPU overload or alike naturally also could lead to ping-maxima.

So, yes, a setting “maximal ping” might be nice - but would not completely prevent bad reaction times…

I personally typically have some 100ms. For a professional competition that might be unacceptable, for fun that’s fine - from my POV. At least I very seldomly have the impression, that I lost due to ping times…

Better players might have another understanding :)

But, by the way, I am quite sure, that ping times are ALREADY taken into account during matchmaking, right?

If i get 60+ ms i feel like i can’t do anything other than using my plasma caster(thanks to the AoE) as Predator, it’s another story when playing Fireteam since they only got weapons with hitscan. Having low ping in shooters with projectile speed and drop means everything.

I’d say maximal value, the matchmaking should identify the latency of players for a couple of seconds before creating a group.

My connection has always been stable, so i’ve never really suffered from the ping going bad in the middle of an action. Are you sure you don’t mean a fps drop in your example?

The CPU has nothing to do with the ping at all, the ping is the time it takes to send and recieve packages.

Reaction time is an individual thing among players and it doesn’t feel like a relevant thing to discuss here.

For me 100ms is completely unacceptable, it’s not even fun to play then, doesn’t matter if it’s on a serious competition level or just fooling around, i’d notice 100ms so bad.

I HIGHLY doubt that the matchmaking is taking any account to the latency of players, i’ve played with several people who have had 999ms and just teleports back and forward. Everyday i end up in groups where 2 guys has 4-8ms and the other 3 has 100+. This is most likely because the matchmaking just picks whoever has been in the queue for the longest time, it doesn’t matter if half of the group is location on the other side of the earth.
I think the matchmaking in PHG is pretty poorly programmed.

Sorry to hear that!

…which could increase the matchmaking times significantly. Think about going through hundreds of “some seconds”…

But yeah, I do understand, what you want and appreciate it:)

Yes, but the CPU is involved in the TCP/IP stack, right?

Ah, sorry, misunderstanding, here with reaction time I mean the reaction time of the system…

Really? Interesting! I just play fire team, maybe that is the reason 100ms is fine for me. It’s naturally true, that the influence of “the systems reaction time” might be more severe for the bow than for a gun, true… Hmmm… :)

Really? F***… I just experience said “some have just some ms and the other some 100ms” - which from my POV is easily explained by sending the signals over the big ocean… I guess, that’s normally some people in Europe some in USA.

This is why i assumed, that there already is some ping limit (as I never saw pings beyond some 150ms). Hmmm.

Here I would not dare to disagree… :))

hmmm, might indeed be a good question - as I am not sure whether the ping goes up said stack far enough/until the CPU is involved, yet - have to check that out occasionally :)