Final Fantasy VII Remake *No Spoilers Please*

No idea

Lost all interest when I found out about the FF7 Battle royal


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Ya square enix is milking it

Oh you mean first soldier? Ya I thought it was going to be about Sephiroth 😔

i’d assume not the yuffie dlc being PS5 exclusive is a clear msg to the players that futher FF7 remake stuff is next gen only aside from the 2 mobile projects (the battle royal and the remasters of previous FF7 chronology)

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That entire fight is just a reference to Advent children (the FF7 animated movie) honestly which if you didn’t like or know about it i understand why you’d hate it as someone who did it was a pretty rad reference though the fight itself did suck

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I watched advent children and the entire reference is lost on me

Either way it’s a bland enemy turned into an overused, over the top boss.

Hey no spoilers

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The accessory you get for beating that fight is totally worth it. There’s like no replay value without it.

That fight though… definitely took at least an hour or so.