Final Fantasy VII Remake *No Spoilers Please*

So I’m in a bit of a pickle, the new PS5 version is coming out and I wanted to know if I buy it that it will be like the deluxe copy, if not I got the deluxe upgrade for the free PS version but was told it won’t be upgraded for free to PS5 quality, so what should I do?

Buy the PS5 version if you have the PS5. I think the issue was the Yuffie DLC not being available for PS4 version, not the deluxe stuff.

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If u have was ps5 buy it as it seems the yuffie dlc and if there is cross save for when remake part 2 happens it’s gonna be ps5 specific probably

However if u just want the game now the ps4 version is fine it’s what I did on release and after a 100% the game was good I sort of look forward to the ps5 version and it’s next part

Same. I’m not at all happy with the direction they’ve gone… but I’m still interested to see how the rest is handled.

game was so disappointing. Not bad, just disappointing

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I felt like there were a lot of good elements, but it didn’t add up to a good whole. Its weird. Perhaps it’s because I played the original many times that it feels this way

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As some one has played the original multiple times, but not in a way that would make me a die hard, I agree.

It has good elements like the combat but it just doesn’t execute perfectly. Because the game gives you ATB gauge for attacking, your allies are naturally going to be doing less work which almost makes the character you main the only character doing something if it wasn’t for exceptions. Plus while the builds are better than in the original since each character has a set role thanks to their abilities, you still end up with generic builds with little variety. You either have mage, tank, or assault which are applied to Aerith, Barrett, Cloud, and Tifa respectfully with Tifa and Cloud sharing. Plus the generic enemies later in the game are pretty tanky making action combat feel pointless. It’s built like a turn based game with action components but it’s an action game with turn based components. White knight chronicles is a good example of a turn based game with action components. Granted it leans far more into turn base than action, but you can still adjust it a bit by adding dodges or something else more action oriented.

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Thanks for no spoilers guys and I decided I’m getting the PS5 but go ahead and keep talking about any FF VII Related topics 😁

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Wait for the PC version.

The battle system is ok i guess. It has variety and things to discover, tho probably gets repetitive 2/3s though the game. Also, it doesn’t help that gamers constantly try to meta games and post it on youtube for everyone to emulate.

I’m really knit picking though cause it better than 95% of the games out there, but because I played the original i can’t look at the remake in the same light as if I hadn’t. And overall, this game is arguably better than the original in basically every way, but it just feels off for me. My in depth review off FFVII remake ‘it feels off for me’

In a weird way i also didn’t quite like the character immersion. It was like there was too much of it and the story moved too slowly. Its like they overdid it. It looks nice, but just doesn’t fit together well.

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Hey it’s fun to meta

Not like it’s hard though. HP up Barret and have him tank with lifesaver and regen. Literally my first instinct.

Ya it’s good, just disappointing. Definitely not game defining.



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Lol IGN.

I guess it’s not hard, but at time of release there was a this craze about getting how to get best materia quickly and such.

Did you beat the hard mode? If so, how challenging was it?

Not beat it but I’m on about chapter 8 on hard mode

Sounds like you have a good approach and now it’s just the execution

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If I get around to it. Don’t know if I have the motivation

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I know the feeling. Have a few of such challenge lingering as well 😁

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Honestly if you don’t really enjoy the combat there is no reason to beat the hard mode of the game as it’s reward is (you unlock a secret challenge chamber in ch 16 which is just the most difficult challenges in the game and i mean they are the hardest encounters in the game you will spend hours on some of these fights for some op items which since you’ve beaten the game at this point there is no real reason to use any of the items also the chapter against the harbinger’s is real fucking hard compared to sephiroth lol seph will only beat you if he heartless angel’s you and you fail to react to it or if the game fucks you over with your random teammate selection during the fight)

don’t click if you don’t want to know or click to help you decide whether or not you want to finish hard mode

as someone who did cause i enjoyed the games combat for better or worse i imagine part 2 will expand the combat by some extent via new characters and team combo attacks probably and hopefully QOL changes like why is intel an equip able skill
and also i imagine i’m one of the only people who likes the story direction for Remake cause it’s actually perfect


I actually hate the ghosts

The non ghost differences I’m fine with (and by ghosts I mean the fates or whatever they’re generic ugly faces are called)

They lead to an over the top boss (I know it’s kind of a staple for the franchise, doesn’t mean I have to like it) that’s literally just them but bigger and with arms. And then you fight the same three enemies that don’t change outside when they become a mini Bahumet. Not to mention it’s kind of boring. Oh look these ghosts are trying to make the exact same thing happen as before, yay. But like I said the non ghost changes are cool.

Lol your all talking about playing on the hardest lvl and here I’m doing it on classic cuz I just want to play for the story 😂


I’ve only got it on PS4, haven’t beaten it yet
Will PS4 ever get any of the DLC

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