Fireteam bootcamp?

It would be a good idea to create a bootcamp which every new player has to complete before being able to queue up for the quick plays.
The bootcamp should be almost the same as the tutorial for the Predator, there should be clear instructions about what needs to be done.

  1. The bootcamp map starts with the player rappeling down from a helicopter in a small jungle area.
  2. Player starts with a knife only and has to break a padlock on a door to a building by hitting on it.
  3. First room is a locker room where you need to find 4 items and a key to proceed to the next room.
  4. Second room is an obstacle course where the player learns to crouch, run and jump to pass several obstacles until he/she reaches the next room.
  5. Third room is a firing range, there are 3 weapon crates(assault rifle, sniper rifle, pistol) where you have to hit both static and moving targets at different ranges, when all targets are destroyed the next room unlocks.
  6. Fourth room contains an item similiar to the Predator’s self destruct bomb. Once you interact with the item a timer starts, it’s the same time it takes for a bomb to detonate, but this item wont blow you up, it will only reset if you don’t disarm it in time.
    There you can practice defusing the bomb, once you’re done you can proceed to be exfiltrated by a helicopter that arrives after the defuse has been completed.

This bootcamp would help newcomers understand what to do, instead of being yelled and hated at in public games.
It should contain all kinds of functions that a normal round has. The rooms i described above are only examples, which can be made better. I’d even want rooms with boars, when you kill a boar you get a message saying that the Predator will notice it.
And another room where you call in reinforcements, in this case AI’s.



Love the idea.
Have to add a “room” for a Predator encounter, tracking him, spotting him, sticking with an AI team to fight him off. If you separate too far from the team it resets


I’d very much like a Firing Range for FT, even made a suggestion for it awhile ago.