Fireteam damage glitch, and predator weapon swapping glitch

Fireteam has glitch where they can take half of predators health with one bullet even white impenetrable on. Predator has a glitch where when you weapon swap, he gets stuck and looks like he is doing the Harlem shake. Both are massive glitches. Please fix them. I am level 455 predator, so I play a lot.

First isn’t a glitch. That’s entirely possible depending on damage stacks


I have a friend who is level 999, he’s a MadMan, he plays alot too, but he doesn’t speak much, he just plays.

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If you stop using the Netgun you can avoid this One-Shot glitch, the Netgun is bugged and weakens your character. Use the Warclub instead, it’s stronger.


Don’t lie to the poor guy.

Everyone knows the katana is OP AF

See it is a glitch. I shouldn’t be forced to use certain items to avoid a glitch.

You must be new to the game. Stick to minecraft

Ok your comment is straight up r3tarded. Take your meds and go back to watching cartoons.

No no no, you misunderstood, he is Madman, he really is.

Yep just got it last week


If only you knew how silly that comment makes you seem…

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I knew it. You really do need to get a life. I only have time to comment on games that I play and are important to me. Here you are on a forum of a game you just got?

You and weevo540 really need to get a life. On a forum of a game you know nothing about? That’s some basement dwelling, lonely living, I have no life comments.

Yeah. I don’t have a lot going on


Game-breaking bugs? On an Illfonic game?

What’d you expect? What did you reasonably expect?

Who’s gonna tell this man?

Tell what?
At this point i still don’t know if he failed as a comedian or not…

True. Since you’re a successful comedian, you speak from experience. So how’s your gayporn career?

This guys a troll if he’s a high enough level he should already know this game is bugged and Illfonic ditched this game to make ghost busters